Cloud Mining origins, comparison and discount

Sha256, x11 and Ethereum cloud mining
lifetime plans for even cheaper.

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Ethereum cloud mining

Due to its nature Ethereum is unlikely to see ASIC miners (those dedicated computers optimized for mining crypto-currencies) coming soon.

Due to its early stage it's also quite profitable and "easy" to mine. Not many player at this time.

So as with BitCoin and the AltCoins you can mine them at home, using your computer, or you can use a cloud mining operator for peace of mind and cost efficiency.

Genesis Mining, having built a huge GPU farm to mine x11 currencies recently oppened their services to enable you to mine Ether as well.

Their contracts are simple and quite cheap with a $17.99 / MHz price
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and one year duration.

You can pay using Credit Card, Wire transfer (in USD or EUR) or Bitcoin, Dogecoin, LiteCoin or Dash.